Immunity Plus

REACTONZ Immunity Plus Effervescent Tablet

Zesty Orange Flavoured

Immunity Plus is blend of 5 main ingredient to support your immunity daily . Immunity plus supports the function of your immunity system and help body to combat freed radicals damage during the day.

Drop one tablet in glass of water to dissolve completely and immediately drink. Immunity Plus can take with beside your meal or take it anytime of your day.


Zesty orange flavoured
Combat with free-radical damages to your body cells
Support immune system functions
Once daily dissolve in water and enjoy tasty drink


Vitamin C: Get daily requirement of Vitamin C to boost immunity

Zinc: Essential mineral in enhancement of immunity

Rosehip Extract: Natural source of Vitamin C to boost your immunity to the next level

Propolis Extract: Trigger immune system and embark on free-radical damage combat   

Manuka Honey: Richest anti-oxidant honey in the world

Product ingredients

Each REACTONZ Immunity Plus effervescent tablet contains:

Vitamins Amount
Vitamin C 80 mg
Minerals Amount
Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate) 5.0 mg
Herbal Extracts Amount
Rosehip (Rosa x centifolia Ratio of 4:1) 6.9 mg (equivalent of 27.6 mg fresh rosehip)
Propolis Extract (Ratio of 4:1) 10.0 mg (equivalent of 40.0 mg fresh propolis)
Speciality Ingredient Amount
Manuka Honey (Lyophilized Powder) 20.0 mg

The recommended daily dose contains 432 mg of sodium per tablet.

Honey Products are not suitable for children under 2 years old.

Contains sucralose.

Always refer to product label for instruction of use and updated warnings.

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